Saturday, 1 February 2014

Introducing Phali Chutney

Homemade 's kitchen is busy, busy, busy! To be delivered next week is some biryani, curries and chocolate cake, to name a few.

Requests have come in for mixed vegetable samoosas. Three dozen of those tasty treats were delivered yesterday. These are a great hit with everyone. What can I say, spending time with my Mummy in the kitchen when I was a little girl, has definitely been worth it. All her methods are stuck in my head.

One of the new items on the list of products, is Phali Chutney (Peanut & Mint Chutney), which will be launched in two weeks time. Looking out for a food processor in the meantime. The picture attached is what my mother's and grandmother's food processor looked like, for grinding Phali Chutney!

What exactly is Phali Chutney? Well, it's more than just peanuts and mint. It has a whole lot of roasted spices, like red chilli, garlic and green chili, with tangy tamarind in the mix of things, delicately ground with lots of love.

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