Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why Homemade?

"What are your talents?" or "What makes you happy?" Have you ever heard those questions when you are searching for something to do, that is new and different to what you have you been doing all your life?

For me, the answer was cooking. Not just any kind of cooking, but the kind that reminds you of home, your childhood, and the kind that takes your taste buds on an exciting journey!  That kind of cooking, is what makes Homemade. A home based business for now, that makes traditional, Durban style Indian cooking for deliveries exclusively through orders.

What's the secret? There's no secret at all, just three generations of recipes and styles of cooking, passed down from my grandmother, to my mother and now to me. If there was anything that I loved doing, it was feeding people with love. A passion that just could no longer remain buried deep beneath the bosom.

So, take a look at what Homemade offers, and for those who are keen on ordering, if you are based in Johanensburg, South Africa, you can email me on:

For readers who are outside of Johannesburg, I will be posting some recipes with pictures, on how to make some of the dishes for you, to try out at home! :-)

Homemade is on Google Plus and on Facebook 

"Big on quality and Big on Taste"