Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to Toast a Roti

So, you have decided to either make your own roti dough, or to order it via Homemade. You have rolled them out and it's time to toast them. How exactly do you do that?

I always follow my Mom's method. This way, as she always said, "the roti does not get too dry or hard."

First you use either a griddle (thawa) or a heavy based, non-stick large frying pan. Make sure the heat of your stove is medium to high.

Place the rolled out roti on the thawa, wait for a few seconds, about 30 seconds, and then flip it over. It should not have a lot of brown dots on it.

Then using either a tablespoon or a brush, drop some melted butter or ghee over the roti, while the underside is cooking.  Try to rotate the roti so that the heat evenly "coats" the bottom of the roti.

In between the next minute, keep checking the underside to ensure that the roti is not burning. If the heat is either too high or too low, adjust accordingly.  Then using a spatula, turn the roti over, and it should look like this:

Again, the cooking time for this side should be 30 seconds. Coat the top side of the roti with a little bit of butter, margarine or ghee.

Flip over for the last time and the roti should rise up like a balloon.

Remove from heat and serve up with a delicious curry of your choice! :-)

Delicious, soft, and luxury in your mouth :-)

Happy Roti Toasting :-) 

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